The MBIS Model United Nations (MUN) program and General Assembly has been a core component of academic life at the school since 1986. It is the longest-running MUN in Japan, well-recognized, and typically attended by over a hundred delegates from international schools throughout Japan and abroad. The General Assembly has regularly attracted local and national media attention.

As an integral part of the Social Studies curriculum, students meet throughout the school year to discuss current international issues and learn critical skills, such as conflict resolution, compromise, and media literacy, alongside fundamental skills, such as resolution writing, parliamentary procedure, caucusing, and debate.

Students prepare for the conference by researching the social, political and economic situation of the country they represent, as well as becoming familiar with the unique role and aims of that country within the global community.

The Conference is held in February, and is an intense two-day event. Delegates debate global issues, and strive to achieve a balance between the needs of the nation they represent, and the overarching needs of the world as a whole. They address a range of global problems, and are faced with a high-stress emergency crisis. Outstanding delegates are recognized and honored at the end of the assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Marist MUN conference follows unique procedures different from most other Model United Nations conferences.

The conference starts on the first day drafting resolutions in small, intensive topical committees before moving to the General Assembly and Security Council.

The small scale of the conference ensures intensive debate. The entire conference accommodates approximately 100 delegates. Most delegates will be in the General Assembly, more experienced delegates may be assigned to the Security Council.

The General Assembly does not follow the “unmoderated caucus” and “moderated caucus“ procedure but an “open-debate”-style discussion.

The Security Council follows a more conventional “unmoderated/moderated” caucus procedure.

To learn more about the Marist MUN procedures, check our Reference Documents portal by navigating through Committees > Delegate Exclusive.

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